Being Europe - can it be defined?

Tuesday 25 January 2022 17:00 18:00

Being European, can it be defined?

Online workshop for teachers 

What binds the continent together? What could be regarded as European heritage? There are basic elements which are originally European and have spread all over the continent. Can these be considered distinct hallmarks of European culture? If so, what parts of this European heritage should we preserve, what do we want to change, what should we contest? 

The House of European History will discuss these questions with the teachers and explain how the museum presents this topic in its Permanent exhibition. 

Teachers will be initiated on how to tackle this topic with their students. 

You will receive the connection details for the event after you registered. We would advice you to register soon as we will have a limited number of available spots. 


Laurence Bragard develops co-ordinates and delivers the formal learning offer of the House of European History. She has worked with school, youth and family audiences in museum and gallery settings for over 17 years. She has extensive experience of object based learning practice and played a key role in developing the educational handling collections of the museum. She has facilitated different onsite and online teachers’ workshops for eTwinning, EUROCLIO and various teachers History Fair.