How to teach Media Literacy to your classroom

Thursday 21 October 2021 17:00 18:15

The House of European History’s third temporary exhibition, Fake (F)or Real: a History of forgery and falsification, places the concept of ‘’Fake’’ as a common thread throughout history.

This workshop will provide you with ready-to-use exercises in order to successfully teach Media Literacy to students aged 12 to 18. You will be invited to play a Forgery Quiz hosted by the famous forger, Han Van Meegeren, and Explore, Practise & Reflect on disinformation and on your own Snap Judgement.
This session aims to raise awareness about how facts, techniques and emotions may be blended to influence our worldviews, in the past and present.
More info on the exhibition Fake (F)or Real to be found here

This event will take place if minimum 15 people register.
Language of the event: English
Learning outcomes
- Raise awareness about how facts, techniques and emotions may be blended in different media
- Increase competence when navigating the media and Stimulate critical thinking
- Increase insight into how different media may be biased and how it influences us
- Initiate teachers to the different intentions to Fake, to the fact that Fake has a long history and is not something new and that every time era values it’s Fake the most

Meet the facilitators

Company team

Laurence Bragard

develops co-ordinates and delivers the formal learning offer of the House of European History. She has worked with school, youth and family audiences in museum and gallery settings for over 16 years. She has extensive experience of object based learning practice and played a key role in developing the educational handling collections of the museum. She has facilitated different onsite and online teachers’ workshops for eTwinning, EUROCLIO and various teachers History Fair.

Company team

Johan Moonens
is an expert in formal learning working on behalf of the House of European History. He develops and delivers learning offers and resources for online and onsite audiences together with the members of the Learning and Outreach Department and HEH museum team. He has a 20 years’ experience in education for museums and other cultural institutions, for schools, youth and general audiences, and more particularly the underrepresented and marginalized communities.